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Ludgate Clinic

Client: Ludgate Clinic

Task: Email hosting

The Ludgate Clinic is a physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation clinic in the heart of London.

The Ludgate Clinic is a growing business and has developing needs in the world of IT.

Caffull Ltd were approached initially to assist with the transfer and hosting of emails for the company, but are now consulting with the company on a number of issues, including website improvements, web hosting and mobile applications.

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"Right from initial concept and design to final build, Caffull Ltd took care of everything. Their attention to detail is second to none and the level of personal service was brilliant."

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"I have found Caffull Ltd supportive, innovative and helpful. Caffull Ltd invested the time in learning about our company and it showed in the product."

Tula Fitzpatrick, Bryan O'Connor

"Rowan & Dale created a new website for us which met our needs perfectly. They left us with a site that we can alter and maintain ourselves with no hassle despite our IT limitations. The whole service from beginning to end was prompt, reliable and professional. Thanks guys!"

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