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Fiona McLaren

Client: Fiona McLaren

Task: Website design, development and hosting

Fiona McLaren is a specialist consultant specialising in coaching barristers through the judicial and silk application process.

Caffull Ltd were asked to design and build a website that would be targeted at barrister clients.
The client requested that the website be clean and simple.

Caffull Ltd also host and manage the website on an ongoing basis.

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"If you want a high functioning website with a professional finish I can highly recommend Caffull Ltd"

Chris Lane, Brand Lawyers

"I have found Caffull Ltd supportive, innovative and helpful. Caffull Ltd invested the time in learning about our company and it showed in the product."

Tula Fitzpatrick, Bryan O'Connor

"Right from initial concept and design to final build, Caffull Ltd took care of everything. Their attention to detail is second to none and the level of personal service was brilliant."

Naomi, Wedding Stock